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Every Great Website Starts with a Solid Strategy


1. Identify your business / website objectives and brand image.

2. How does the current website address these objectives well or not so well? Knowing what is broken can quickly help illuminate the path to a solution.

3. Who is the target audience and what are they looking for?

4. Identify your top 5 competitors and document their website's user experience, content and calls to action.


5. Implementation Phases 

In a Meeting

Strategizing upfront gives clarity, helps drive content and priority and provides realistic timelines for an on-time launch. Much like "Practice makes perfect", finding solutions to current and past failures will ensure future content and delivery is more impactful. Analysis should also be implemented to provide solutions to compete, communicate and stand out above the rest. Clarity in direction, goals and brand image start off website planning with necessary imagery, graphics and text content. All of which must be on point to effectively realize search engine optimization (SEO). Having a plan in the beginning of a project helps ensure an on-time launch. It is very important to setup phases that are realistic to achieve and help to keep the project launch on time and on budget. AMCreative will help you strategize for success. 


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